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Amsahr 100% Compatible Non-OEM Replacement Durable Laptop Battery for HP KI04 Gaming NB Star Wars Special Edition and 800049-001 Series with Rechargeable No Memory Effect and Power Surge Protection

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Our state of the art HP 800049-001 compatible laptop battery is designed and manufactured under strict European ISO 9001 standards. It meets and exceeds high priced OEM products, allowing you to power your computer with a superior quality battery for a fraction of the price! Compatibilities: HP KI04, 15-ab291tx, 15-ak029tx (T0Y66PA), 15-ab297tx, 15-ab072TX, 15-ab008tx(L8P36PA), 15-ab010AX, 15-ab009tx(L8P37PA), 800049-001, HSTNN-DB6T, HSTNN-LB6S, K104, N2L84AA, TPN-Q158, TPN-Q159, TPN-Q160, TPN-Q161, TPN-Q162, TPN-Q163, 15-ab017TU, 14-ab015tx (M2X00PA), 14-ab011TX, 14-ab056tx (N8L78PA), 14-ab005TU, Star Wars Special Edition 15-an005TX, 14-ab059tx (P3C77PA), Gaming NB 15-ak002TX, 14-ab170tx (T9G38PA), Gaming NB 15-ak001TX, 15-ab050tx (M2X04PA), Gaming NB 15-ak049tx (W0H65PA), 15-ab065tx(M4Y19PA), 15-ab112tx (P3C79PA), 15-ab066tx(M4Y20PA), 15-ak025tx (T0Y47PA), 15-ab068tx(M4Y22PA), 15-ab038TX, 15-ab093tx(M9V85PA), 15-ab039TX, 15-ab067tx(M4Y21PA), 15-ab038TU, 15-ab007tx(L8P35PA), 15-ab016TU, 14-ab016tx (M2X01PA), 14-ab012TX, 14-ab057tx (P3C75PA), 14-ab006TU, Gaming NB 15-ak000, 14-ab142tx (P6M28PA), Gaming NB 15-ak003TX, 15-ab048tx (M2X02PA), Gaming NB 15-ak039TX, 15-ab102tx (N1W13PA), 15-ab251nr, 15-ab006tx(L8P34PA), 15-ab113tx (P3C80PA), 15-ab005tx(L8P33PA), 15-ak026tx (T0Y48PA), 15-ab069tx(M4Y23PA), 15-ab024NE, 15-ab076tx(M4Y76PA), 15-ab037TX, 15-ab011tx(L8P39PA), 15-ab018TU, 15-ab012tx(L8P40PA), 15-ab036TX, 14-ab017tx (M2W99PA), 14-ab013TX, 14-ab058tx (P3C76PA), Star Wars 15-an005TX, Gaming NB 15-ak030TX, 14-ab160tx (T5Q99PA), Gaming NB 15-ak004TX, 15-ab049tx (M2X03PA), Gaming NB 15, 17-g188ca, 15-ab111tx (P3C78PA), 15-ab257tx, 15-ab010tx(L8P38PA), 15-ab2866M29PA)

  • 18 Months Manufacturer Warranty, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • 100% Compatible Non-OEM : Lithium Ion (Li- ion) Long Life Battery: Rechargeable with No Memory Effect and Power Surge Protection.
  • 33 Wh,4 cell, 14.8 V
  • Protective Retail Packaging, Each Product is Sealed with Anti-Static Shield Sleeve.
  • Exclusive Offering of High Performance, Long Lasting, and Durable Grade A Cell Battery

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