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Amsahr 100% Compatible Non-OEM Replacement Durable Laptop Battery for HP Envy 15TJ100 H6L38AA Series with Rechargeable and No Memory Effect and Power Surge Protection

  • $3795

Our state of the art HP ENVY 15T-J100 compatible notebook battery is designed and manufactured under strict European ISO 9001 standards. It meets and exceeds high priced OEM products, allowing you to power your computer with a superior quality battery for a fraction of the price! Compatibilities: Laptop models: HP Envy TouchSmart 15-J170US, 15T-J100, 17-J000, 17-J010DX, 17-J017CL, 17-J023CL, 17-J030US, 17-J037CL, 17-J041NR, 17-J043CL, 17-J078CA, 17-J117CL, 17-J130US, 17-J141NR, 17-J142NR, 17-J153CL, 17-J157CL, 17-J160NR, 17-J173CA, 17-J178CA, 17-J182NR, 17-J185NR, 17-J186NR, 17T-J000, 17T-J000, 17T-J100, 17T-J100, Battery models: HP 709988-421, 709988-541, 710416-001, 710417-001, H6L38AA, HSTNN-LB40, HSTNN-LB4N, HSTNN-LB4O, HSTNN-YB4O, PI06, PI06062-CL, PI09, TPN-L110, TPN-L111, TPN-L112, TPN-Q117, TPN-Q118, TPN-Q119, TPN-Q120, TPN-Q121, TPN-Q122.

  • 18 Months Manufacturer Warranty, 100% Compatible Non-OEM : Lithium Ion (Li- ion) Long Life Battery: Rechargeable with No Memory Effect and Power Surge Protection.

  • 4800 mah, 10.8 V

  • Protective Retail Packaging, Each Product is Sealed with Anti-Static Shield Sleeve.

  • Exclusive Offering of High Performance, Long Lasting, and Durable Grade A Cell Battery

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