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About us

Company Overview

Amsahr manufactures and distributes a large variety of electronic products and accessories. These include OEM and OEM compatible batteries for your laptop, digital camera or camcorder. Also, battery chargers, AC adapters, electronic care products, GPS systems, memory cards and a vast selection of other accessories for your needs. With more than 20 years of Engineering expertise, our manufacturing has successfully supported name brands worldwide with quality products. We pride our Non-OEM products in the highest qualities available today, which have shown to meet or exceed the original specifications and receive ISO9001 certification.


Our mission is to distribute high quality products at competitive prices for the comfort and security of our clients. We strive to maintain a high degree of loyalty to our customers by taking care of them and providing superior service that meets their needs and expectations. Amsahr also enjoys establishing long term business relationships with other companies in order to help them maximize their profit as well as maintain valuable customer relationships. 


Our Products: The products we carry and manufacture are quality assured. Our factories have deservedly earned ISO9001 certification and meet UL, CSA and CE guidelines. Our product warranties back these quality assurance standards, and thorough laboratory testing of our items confirms their safety and grade. 

Batteries- Power your laptop, digital camera or camcorder with the Ultimate battery power source.

AC Adapters- If your battery is drained, you don’t have to buy a new one. Power your laptop or camcorder with our Ultimate AC adapters.

Laptop- Since your laptop travels as much as you do, we have what it needs to keep up with you. Check out our power sources, cases, and more!

Digital Camera Batteries- Capture your moments without missing one. Keep the power and life of your camera going with our power sources.

Camcorder- Your memories would be only memories if you didn’t have an instant replay of them thanks to your camcorder. Make sure that it is always ready to go and in good condition with our power sources and camcorder accessories.

Toners - Ink Cartridges- Keep your printers and faxes running smoothly with our new replacement toner and ink cartridges.