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Laptop Folding Two Motor Cooling Pad for Travel

Laptop Folding Two Motor Cooling Pad for Travel

  • $904

Product Description This cooling pad operates quietly and helps keep your laptop cool. An overheated laptop can lead to a number of inconvenient and costly problems, including sluggish performance, battery fires and burnt-out processors. Protect your investment by keeping your laptop cool and running properly! Powered by your computer's USB port. No additional power supply needed. Features: Product: USB Foldable Laptop Notebook Cooler Pad With 2 Cooling Fans Condition: 100% Brand New Color: Black Function: Cooling pad fits any laptop equal to or lesser than itself in size (14", 13", 12", 10", 7" etc). Prevents laptop from getting too hot. Very easy to carry with your laptop. Power Supplied: Supplied from USB Port of your laptop or USB HUB. Fans: Two quiet, built-in fans for quick and easy heat dissipation Voltage: DC 5V Size(folded): 170x66x18mm Size(expanded): 280x170x18mm

  • Includes Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest Pillow and ONE Compatible Laptop Power Adapter
  • 18 Months Manufacturer Warranty, Engineered and Manufactured Under European Standard ISO 9001. Guaranteed Superior Quality Meets or Exceeds High Priced OEM Products.
  • IBM 20V, 4.5A, 90W, yellow square tip
  • Protective Retail Packaging, Each Product Sealed is Individually.
  • Exclusive Offering of High Performance, Durable, Extended Life AC Rechargeable Adapter with Cord

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